Donations needed to help student run free clinic location rebound from fire

Donations needed to help student run free clinic location rebound from fire | UMHS Headlines.

Help out Livingston County!

Consider helping getting this great initiative of medical students back going in Pinckney.

President’s Message!

From: Edward Washabaugh, MD

Doctor…What is your New Year’s Resolution?

I know what you are thinking. It is February and it is cold. Spring break looms and you wish you kept your resolution to lose the weight before that trip to warmer climates. Think back to January 1st. Did you make a resolution? New Year’s resolutions are the best part of the New Year. It is a fresh start and a new chance. It is the day to measure the “rest of your life”.  There are other days that rival that date. Your anniversary, your 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th birthdays are all excellent days for resolutions that rival New Year’s, but only New Years is a clean slate that returns every year. Let’s look at our own resolutions as well as those of our patients and our society.

It is difficult for doctors to make changes or to objectively make a self evaluation. We have been reviewed, examined, trained, tested, retrained, retested, criticized, praised and compensated. I had a difficult time trying to make a game changing resolution for this year so I consulted my staff and my patients. They had plenty of suggested resolutions. The consensus from my staff was that my New Year’s resolution should be to stay on time. Staying on time is one of the most difficult tasks for a physician. Many of us have a conveyer belt like work load with an added unpredictable crisis placed in to our daily practices. Many of us don’t have time for computer system crashes, late patient arrivals or insurance verification delays. Many of us can find other causes than ourselves to blame for our tardiness.  Unfortunately, most doctors never give themselves a chance to stay on time. Most of us don’t show up to work on time! The 730am operating room start means that the patient goes to the operating room at 730am. It doesn’t mean that is the time that you start to interview the patient before going to the operating room. The 800am clinic appointment is the time the physician should enter the exam room and not the time that the doctor arrives in the clinic to start the quest for a clean lab jacket and a cup of coffee. For most of us, once we are behind in our day we stay behind in our day.  So New Year’s resolution number one is to be on time by being on time for that first patient of the day.

When I returned to work in the New Year, my favorite greeting with each patient is “what is your New Year’s resolution?” It is not surprising that many older patients do not make resolutions. One of the most common responses is “I always break them, so I never make them.” It is hard to argue with such logic.  When you are lucky enough to get an actual response, the most common response is “to feel better.”  This shows that you can never under estimate the power of good health.  Surprisingly, retired people or disabled patients overwhelmingly do not make resolutions.  Younger generations or employed patients overwhelmingly make resolutions. These resolutions usually involve personal improvement and as you can guess, weight loss is the overwhelming number one resolution.  One resolution that no longer makes the list is to quit smoking. The State of Michigan spent 1.8 million dollars last year in anti-smoking education.  Smoking is not a thing of the past but it surely remains on the decline! Of course the best resolution I solicited was from a patient who proudly stated,” I am going to eat an apple a day!” If you have to ask…it is to keep the doctor away!

How about the New Year’s resolution for the Washtenaw County Medical Society? Our society is the grass roots meeting place for the physicians in Washtenaw County.  It is the only organization that connects UM with St. Joes and it allows any member to make resolutions that then can go to the state and possibly to the federal level. We are now looking for resolutions to be made by our members. If there is anything you would want changed in medicine, contact the society at . Writing a resolution is easy and your society has a treasure chest full of experience to make your resolution a success! This year, your society is planning on bringing you four CME educational events ranging from Healthcare Information Technology to Healthcare Associated Infections. Our society has also made a resolution to connect with the medical education of our community thru educational cable programs and starting the WCMS externship program for pre-medical students. So, as 2013 marches on; Doctor…What is your New Year’s resolution?

Price for a New Hip? Many Hospitals Are Stumped –

English: Hip replacement using cementless impl...

English: Hip replacement using cementless implants. 16 days post-surgery. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Very interesting summer research project reveals massive variation in pricing across hospitals and many who can’t figure out prices at all!

Price for a New Hip? Many Hospitals Are Stumped –

Veggies Are Good for the Heart

Oxford University

Oxford University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not super surprising that less (no) meat = less heart attacks – but useful nonetheless.
From the MedPageToday post.

Vegetarians are less likely to develop ischemic heart disease than those who eat meat, British researchers found.

In a prospective study, vegetarians in England and Scotland had a 32% lower risk of hospitalization or death from ischemic heart disease than nonvegetarians (HR 0.68, 95% CI 0.58 to 0.81), Francesca Crowe, PhD, of Oxford University, and colleagues reported online in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.”

Read the full post here: Veggies Are Good for the Heart.

New strain of norovirus wreaks havoc : ACEP NEWS

English: Norovirus particles

English: Norovirus particles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A very common problem in emergency, urgent and primary care..

A new strain of norovirus, identified last March in Australia, has swept through the United States, causing more than half of the 2012 outbreaks.”…

The post continues…

The virus is highly transmissible; exposure to as few as 18 viral particles can cause illness, according to a presentation by Jan Vinj Ph.D., head of the National Calicivirus Laboratory. And since about 30% of cases are asymptomatic, the transmission rate can be extremely high.

“These are the two characteristics that explain why norovirus is such a serious public health challenge,” Dr. Hall said. “It takes a very tiny amount of exposure to make someone sick, and someone who is sick is shedding billions of viral particles. They can shed virus without any symptoms, so they don’t know they have it and there’s no way to advise them about how to avoid spreading it.”

The illness is characterized by vomiting and/or diarrhea with abdominal cramps and low-grade fever. Most patients recover within 12-72 hours, but about 10% need hospitalization and fluid therapy. Severe illness and/or death are most common among the elderly and people with chronic illnesses.

The United States sees about 21 million cases annually; 800 will result in death. A norovirus outbreak can overwhelm local medical resources; the virus causes nearly 2 million outpatient visits and 400,000 emergency department visits each year. The combined annual cost reaches $2 billion, according to the CDC.”

Read more at link below:

New strain of norovirus wreaks havoc : ACEP NEWS.

Million dollar grant to aid Washtenaw County Incubator Collaborative

From the Ann Arbor Journal…

They report on a new incubator to spur biomedical investment and research in the region.

“With the number of college students in Michigan seeking a cutting-edge education in the growing fields of technology and medicine continually on the rise, there is a strong desire to turn some of those students into the next generation of Michigan entrepreneurs.
And the folks at Ann Arbor SPARK, MC3 Business Accelerator and the Michigan Research Institute hope to bring a sizeable chunk of that success to Washtenaw County.”


Read more here…

Getting Ahead of the Curve: Patient Portals – next WCMS General Session Tuesday Feb 26.2012

A good sign: online patient portal

A good sign: online patient portal (Photo credit: gumption)

From Sallie Schiel – PLEASE RSVP!

WCMS Members –

Our next General Session is scheduled for Tuesday, February 26, 2013.  The program is being held at the Ann Arbor City Club, 1830 Washtenaw Avenue, Ann Arbor.  The Social hour will begin at 6:00 p.m., Dinner at 6:45 p.m., and the program at 7:30 p.m.

The evening’s program is “Getting Ahead of the Curve:  Patient Portals.” The presenters will be Dara J. Barrera, MSMS Membership and Business Development Consultant and Stacey P. Hettiger, MSMS Manager, Health Care Delivery.
The following are the educational objectives of the program:

    • Physicians will become familiar with patient portals, an HIT tool and applicable incentives supporting utilization.
    • Physicians will recognize key functionalities designed to improve office efficiencies, accessibility, and patient communication.

Physicians will identify logistical concepts related to the implementation of patient portals in their practices including office workflow, patient interaction and engagement, and strategies for utilization.
Please make your reservations with the Society Office at (734)668-6241 or email your response to


— Sallie Schiel

Executive Director
Washtenaw County Medical Society
123 N. Ashley, Suite 121
Ann Arbor, MI  48104

Phone:  (734)668-6241

Cocaine, Heroin Cut With Animal Dewormer Send Users to ED

English: Cocaine powder Deutsch: Kokain in Pul...

English: Cocaine powder Deutsch: Kokain in Pulverform (als Salz) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Something new to look out for if you see unexplained neutropenia and skin necrosis in patients using cocaine or heroin .

A case series study showed that 23 individuals who presented at healthcare facilities with unexplained neutropenia or skin necrosis reported using cocaine or heroin in the past month. In addition, nearly one half of these patients were admitted to the hospital from emergency departments (EDs), 3 individuals were admitted to the intensive care unit, and 1 died.

Of the 23 cases, 12 were from Michigan, 10 from New Mexico, and 1 from Minnesota.”

Cocaine, Heroin Cut With Animal Dewormer Send Users to ED.

MSMS resolutions for House of Delegates Due Feb 28

Posted on behalf of Sallie Schiel.

WCMS Members –

If you would like to submit a resolution for the 2013 Michigan State Medical Society House of Delegates, they are due at MSMS by February 28, 2013.  This is two weeks earlier than usual.  Please send your resolution to WCMS to be submitted electronically to MSMS.

The following link will provide information on writing resolutions and resolution submission.

Contact the Society office with questions.

Washtenaw Medical Beat – If you missed it on TV!!!

Topic: Menopause.
See Drs. Ansbacher and Walker – here. (Moderated by Dr. Brown.)

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