Housing & Harm Reduction Training Series Begins December 10, 2014

Housing & Harm Reduction:
Understanding and Implementing Harm Reduction Strategies in the Context of Supportive Housing

Training #1:
Wednesday, December 10, 2014, 8:00AM to 4:00PM
Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital Education Center
5305 Elliott Drive, Ypsilanti, MI

Morning Keynote Speaker:
“The Diagnosis of Destitution: Pain, Addiction, & the Complicated Patient”
Dr. Corey Waller

Center for Integrative Medicine
Spectrum Health, Grand Rapids, MI

    Afternoon Panelists:

Steve Aslum, The Grand Rapids Red Project
Lemont Gore, HIV/AIDS Resource Center
Pamela Lynch, MIWhoSoEver Collaborative

This training series is free! Intended for staff at:

 Housing and Homeless service providers
 Substance use disorder treatment providers
 Mental health providers
 Hospitals and clinics
 Law enforcement

Training #1 has been approved by the Michigan Social Work Continuing Education Collaborative for 4 CE hours.
*CAADC credits for MCBAP pending.*

register online:

Washtenaw County Flu Update

Washtenaw County Public Health has reported that since November 1, almost 40 cases of lab-confirmed influenza A have been reported in Washtenaw residents. Of the cases that have been subtyped, all have been A/H3. Six Washtenaw adults had flu-related hospitalizations last week; ages ranging from 57 – 93 years old.

On November 14, the first influenza outbreak in a long-term care facility in Washtenaw for this season was confirmed. Influenza A was detected in multiple residents on the same unit and three individuals were hospitalized. Samples have been sent to the State Lab for confirmation and subtyping.

Actions for Clinicians:

· Continue to promote vaccination in all persons 6 months and older.

· Consider antivirals for symptomatic individuals, especially if they are at high risk for complications from influenza infection. See the CDC webpage for current recommendations: http://www.cdc.gov/flu/professionals/antivirals/summary-clinicians.htm

See the Washtenaw County Flu Activity webpage for more details on local flu surveillance: http://www.ewashtenaw.org/government/departments/public_health/disease_control/ph_flusurveillance.html

Washtenaw County Medical Society Continues to Hold Ebola Preparedness Meetings

Ann Arbor, Mich, November 13, 2014 – The Washtenaw County Medical Society held its second Ebola Preparedness meeting for health and medical leaders within Washtenaw County. Over 40 representatives from Washtenaw County Public Health, The Michigan Department of Community Health, University of Michigan Health System, Saint Joseph Mercy Health System, Michigan Department of Community Health, EMS, and independent physician association Integrated Healthcare Associates (IHA) were present to discuss Ebola preparedness at all levels.

The group reviewed the Ebola virus situation worldwide and in the U.S. Representatives from Saint Joseph Mercy Health System and the University of Michigan Health System gave updates on their patient screening process, isolation plan for persons exposed to the virus, and training of clinical care teams. Also, Dr. Matt Davis, the Chief Medical Executive at MDCH, discussed the state preparations and answered questions from the group. The recently updated CDC Guidance for Monitoring and Movement of Persons with Potential Ebola Virus Exposure was reviewed and is currently being followed by Washtenaw County Public Health.

The group will meet again in 1-2 months (or sooner if necessary) to review Ebola preparedness efforts in Washtenaw County. “These meetings will help us all be on the same page regarding what we’ll do when, and if, a confirmed case of Ebola appears in Washtenaw County,” said Charles Koopmann, Jr., MD, Washtenaw County Medical Society President. Ebola has infected more than 13, 000 and killed more than 4,950 people since it broke out in West Africa earlier this year, according to the World Health Organization. The majority of the cases and deaths have occurred in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.